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Overseas Buyer Take note that strict Customs action when package arrives at country of destination may cause items to be confiscated, (magickal items may contain water, oil etc). The same items would only be confiscated as the bottles of water and oil may be the problem. On the other hand, magickal items are normally confiscated by Customs in Muslim countries—especially those in the Middle East. This serves to remind buyers that we absolve ourselves from any losses due to confiscation by Customs. As much as we value your patronage, circumstances, albeit, leads us to take this policy
The Golden Prosperity Amulet ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick370_2
This magickal item helps to improve your luck; neutralize bad energies that attract unwanted conditions and situations in your life; it aids you in your endeavours, business and in your financial affairs. Its power can help you get promotions and advance your career; it increases your popularity, your charisma and make you well-known and liked. The energies of this item establish domestic harmony. By possessing this magickal item you will not experience pain, suffering and poverty--so long as you cooperate in improving your life through personal efforts.

The Ring of Luna
Code: Magick371_2
Wear this ring for magickal protection and safety. It increases your commanding presence and makes you well-respected--it protects you of attacks and
vengeance by envious, jealous and misguided individuals. Its energies strengthen your body and increases the power of your punch--your punches will leave black marks on aggressors. It neutralizes the magickal powers of opponents during physical combat.

Blessings of the Trimurti
Code :  Magick372_4
This item helps to awaken one's spiritual nature and the three-fold aspects of the divinity slumbering within. It confers upon the user the grace and blessings of the Trimurti Lords: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva—corresponding to the Trinity of Christianity and the Triune Spiritual Lights of Islam--Nur Insani, Nur Muhammad and Nur Allah. When applied and practiced this magickal item connects the user to the higher consciousness of his/her inner-being and strengthens his/her spiritual relationship with the personal Solar Guardian Angel. As a result of this empowerment, talisman, practice and discipline, the user would accelerate his/her spirituality; the basic personal frequency would increase, certain psychic obstructions are neutralized and the blessings of God would flow freely into one's life. The nature and power of this item is not associated solely with a single religious or spiritual tradition (though it has Hindu leanings) but rather as a blend of their essences that transcends all dogmas and superficial differences. Most appropriate. for New Age practitioners/devotees.


Mahalakshmi Prosperity Pearl ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick373_6
Carry this consecrated and empowered magickal pearl of the goddess Lakshmi for prosperity, wealth, treasures, financial improvement, luck, windfalls, advancement in career, promotions, business success, abundance and general blessings. This pearl comes from a coconut--the latter is associated with the goddess Lakhsmi who is the Divine Mother of Abundance, Wealth and Riches. The pearl was formed in the interior of the coconut through Nature's alchemical process. The pearl carries an abundant degree of prana or cosmic-energy. It has been empowered with mystical energies/forces through a secret tantric sadhana-ritual (with its mantras) associated with Lakshmi and consecrated with the blessings given by the goddess. This makes the pearl a powerful item for those that require monetary and financial assistance of a divine nature. This is a tantric Hindu item.


Serpentine Stone of the 5 Elements ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick374 - No Stock.
Be empowered with the power of the 5 quintessential cosmic principles/forces imbued upon a snake-stone. When carried, the stone will emanate these 5 cosmic energies through your aura making it powerful, magnetic, attractive, vital, and positive. Your thoughts and words are made potent and creative. The basic energies of the snake-stone and the penta-cosmic forces will protect you against mishaps, negative forces/entities, psychic attacks, black magick, molesters, trouble-makers, etc. The power builds-up your power to influence others and gain popularity. It increases your luck and improves every aspect of your life. When carried or worn during magickal operation and rituals it helps you to overcome chaotic forces, command spirit entities and to add to the effectiveness of your occult spells.

The stone is produced from a snake and is called a “mustika” among local shamans in Indonesia. It has various magickal virtues that can benefit its Keeper. It attracts luck and spiritual forces/intelligences that will bless its Keeper. It helps to build positive power in your presence and empowers your aura with personal magnetism making it easy for you to gain popularity and to acquire sympathy/influence over others. Its natural energies wards-off negative forces and entities, psychic attacks and black magick—to this the stone has additionally been empowered with the cosmic essence of the 5 elements to further reinforce its protective virtue in both the physical and non-physical realms. This empowerment also animates and vitalizes the stone’s innate fairy-intelligence and will offer you intuitive warnings should there be any impending danger. The protective power of the 5 elements can have unusual effects upon the subconscious minds of those that intend to do you harm compelling them to back-down and withdraw from their intended negative act.



The Ancient Power of the Pendekars
Code : Magick375_2
The power of magickal defence! This is an empowerment for Pendekars--master martial artists! Add a magickal dimension of ancient power to your moves, strikes, blows and to your very presence. The power long kept secret by local Javanese occult Pencak Silat practitioners. You may use the power for various mundane purposes such as magickally protecting someone or a site against harm; increasing luck; healing; purification, etc. This is a Javanese occult item.
This item is a blend of “Tenaga Dalam” (Inner Strength) and ancient occult, martial-arts powers combined with the magickal force of the Muslim Saint, “Sunan Kalijaga,” making it a reliable formidable force, and as it pleases God, this will be your constant companion so long as you live the life of righteousness.

Saraswati Intelligence-Creativity Pearl
Code : Magick376_3
This magickal item develops persuasive speech and gives power to one’s spoken word; it assists the user in his/her academic, artistic, spiritual, musical and creative endeavors. This empowered item that holds the blessings of the goddess Saraswati assists adults/children to do well in school. It helps to increase the native intelligence and the mental capacity to retain impressions, to learn and memorize facts. It assists the mind to be receptive to spiritual teachings and unfold understanding and wisdom. This pearl comes from honey--the latter is associated with the goddess Saraswati who is the Divine Mother of Speech, Creativity, and Intelligence. The pearl was formed in a bee-hive through Nature's alchemical process. The pearl carries an abundant degree of prana or cosmic-energy. It has been empowered with mystical energies/forces through a secret tantric sadhana-ritual (with its mantras) associated with Saraswati and consecrated with the blessings given by the goddess. This makes the pearl a powerful item for those that require an upgrade of his/her intelligence and creativity through the assistance of a divine nature. This is a tantric Hindu item.


Hanuman's Victory Bell ( Popular !!! )
Code : Magick377_3
The story of Hanuman is told in the Hindu epic, "Ramayana." He was the loyal servant of Lord Rama and instrumental in the defeat of the dark forces represented by Ravana. This magickal item empowered with the energies/virtues of Hanuman and his divine blessings assists its Keeper to be victorious in all affairs that require interaction with opponents and afflicting/opposing forces. It helps the Keeper to be successful in endeavors, missions, work, court-trials, etc. This item offers mystical protection and builds-up self-confidence, self-reliance, self-assurance, leadership, a commanding presence, charisma, etc. Hanuman's Victory Bell is small and can be carried in the pocket—a simple ritual-chanting is required. Though a Hindu trantric item, it may be carried and used by those of any religion, creed, sex, etc., keeping in mind that Hanuman is a personification, a representation and an embodiment of certain attributes of the Almighty God.

Powers of the Magickal Crystal Cave ( Very Popular !!! )
Code : Magick378_1
Magickal powers of the ancient wizards! Have the hidden mysteries of the magickal worlds unveiled unto you and acquire mystical abilities with the empowerment and practice of the secret prayers/chants of this item--have the powers and forces of the cosmos working for you! Magickally and miraculously invite the forces of luck and abundance into your life. Acquire a troop of khodamic forces to aid you in your occult work as a metaphysical practitioner. This magickal empowerment will help you to attain a higher degree of perfection in your spiritual work. Possess the powers of clairvoyance, invulnerability, hypnotism, etc. To have creditors postpone the collection of the payment of debts or to collect from debtors easily. Remove negative energies/forces from someone’s force-field/energy-body that attracts unwanted circumstances and conditions into the person’s life! Empower others with all sorts of powers.


Burglar Ocean Snare
Code : Magick379_3
With this magickal item installed in your home, shop, office, factory, car, etc., burglars, intruders and those of evil intentions would be psychically hypnotized to view their surroundings as a vast, endless ocean. They would be confused and be in a state of fear as they grapple and struggle their way searching for safety or an exit. They would move around and about the premises until awakened from their hallucination by the owner. This item also establishes domestic harmony and protects the place where it is installed against black magick and negative entities.

Magickal Sales Booster
Code : Magick380_2
Need a magickal boost on the sales of your goods and commodities? If you have a shop this is the item that you have been looking for! The power of this item attracts customers to your place of business and they will have the urge to purchase whatever is offered. Your sales will soar!

Power of Advancement ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick381_5

A special talisman that aids in various ways to improve the user's life. It's virtues: helps to attrack luck; popularity; attraction of the opposite sex; invulnerability; helps in business negotiations, interviews, public speaking, social interaction; protection against accidents, calamities, black magick, psychic attacks, evil entities, robbery, molestation; advancement in office, career--worldly success.

Talismanic Luck Attractor
Code : Magick382_9
Especially empowered item to bring blessings and increase one’s luck-potential. The talisman helps to remove bad energies/forces in and around the user. It opens the door to opportunities at all points of the compass even should the user be currently down, jobless or without income. The power of this item is divine and comes from the one Source—there are no side effects.

Talisman of Power
Code : Magick383_1
Here is your chance to become a person of power, someone with a commanding presence and possessing the power of the spoken word (directed to aggressors; unrighteous, evil, and tyrannical persons) to help avoid fights and unwanted circumstances. Your words and voice would cause them to tremble. When the  item is installed in the home it protects the inhabitants against black magick, psychic attacks, negative implants and other metaphysical influences that are destructive in nature. When carried it makes the user invulnerable against sharp and magickal weapons and punches. It causes robbers, aggressors, and  molesters to fail in their intent of harm.


Powers of the Magickal Amethyst Cave
Code :Magick384_2
More powers and secrets of the ancient wizards and Islamic mystics to possess! Do amazing things with the aid of the empowerment of this magickal item. Acquire unusual occult abilities with the discipline and practices of the hidden spiritual teachers! In this package you will learn how to acquire the following abilities and powers: the power-punch; the distant-punch; reflex self-defense; enhanced psychic-sensitivity, various forms of ESP; the ability to neutralize and ward-off black magick and psychic attacks back to their sender; the power to open the doors of luck; improve the I.Q.; attract and bind a lover; influence others remotely; retrieve hidden/buried treasures magickally; locate or have returned lost objects; "pencak stroom"; astral travel; the power to manifest magickal objects from the etheric worlds or that which is hidden physically; move/lift objects remotely (psychokinesis); the power to make "seed-money" that replenishes and multiplies magickally by itself; learn how to make implants to empower others; spiritual purification for life-regeneration; hypnotism.

Invocation of the Cimande-Lineage Masters
Code : Magick385_9
This item is a magickally-empowered piece of special incense. It helps the Pencak-Silat practitioner to attune and to come into psychic/spiritual contact with the lineage-masters of the Cimande Pencak Silat and cause them to watch over your activities and training. This item welcomes the Cimande-lineage masters into your life! Practice the invocation-ritual before your actual Pencak-Silat work-out to enhance and speed-up your progress. When burnt in one’s home, it also causes a spirit-tiger to watch over the premises.

Embah Kahir’s Hikmah Oil
Code : Magick386_4
Improve your Cimande Pencak-Silat martial-arts training with the power of this magickal Hikmah Oil! Invoke the style, movements and power of Embah Kahir (the founder of Cimande Silat) with the secret invocation and Hikmah Oil said to have been empowered by the great man himself. This is not a “Cimande” oil—it is regarded as the latter’s precursor and much more powerful. Possess the magickal forces and powers of Embah Kahir (sometimes spelled “Khair”)—he who is said to be a physical immortal. This magickal Hikmah Oil was acquired in a cave from a mysterious old man! Stock is limited—once gone this rare oil will no longer be available again. Approx. 100cc/bottle.

Magickal Talismanic Handkerchief
Code: Magick387_8
This magickal item though created/empowered for general blessings is focused primarily on physical and psychic protection. Its virtues includes: financial improvement; business success; charisma; healing; safety in accidents; invulnerability; attraction; neutralizes or wards-off negative energies/black magick/psychic attacks/obnoxious entities; auto-martial-arts movements; auto-invisibility from the sight of enemies; power-punch; helps to absorb the inner-strength of opponents; power-transference to others, etc.  It is convenient to carry in one's pocket. Design and color of item may differ from package to package.

Magickal Steel Bracelet
Code : Magick388_1
A magickal steel bracelet with engraved inscription empowered to confer upon the user the following virtues: protection from enemies/aggressors/molesters; power-punch; weakens opponents in fights;  protection against black magick, psychic attacks, negative implants; charisma, courage and a commanding presence; protection/invulnerability against sharp weapons; healing. This is an especially useful item for those involved in martial-arts. May be worn or carried in the pocket.

Magickal Sale Power
Code: Magick389_11
This magickal empowered item helps you to sell properties, houses, cars, etc. easily. Potential customers would be affected by the power and become passionate over that which you are selling. The item is easy to use--simply place it at the property or car that you have for sale. May be used over and over.

Talisman of Sexual Power
Code: Magick390_1
A wonderful magickal talisman to aid you to have an improved sexual-life--strengthens your sexual prowess and prolongs the sexual experience. This item is easy to use--no chanting or rituals required.The talisman is empowered with divine energies—there are no jinns or negative forces associated with it—there are no negative side-effects.


The Power of the Scarlet Dugong ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick391_3
A self-empowerment item in capsule form; helps the user to heal all sorts of illnesses and ailments, both medical and non-medical such as psychic attacks and black magick. The item builds-up charisma and personal magnetism--it causes others to be enchanted with the user. The empowerment confers upon the user the power to be highly attractive and appealing to the opposite sex. The power conferred also attracts luck and fortunate circumstances to the user. It helps improve all aspects of the user's life including social and business. It protects the user against accidents, mishaps, catastrophes, etc. The rare ingredient of this magickal item comes from the interior of a dugong bone, a creature well-known in shamanic circles for its magickal virtues. This material has been processed metaphysically and is empowered with a magickal force through a secret ancient ritual known only to a few.

The Sapujagad Tasbih
Code: Magick392_5
The power of this islamic rosary helps the user in the following matters: it protects the user against slander and thefts; it protects the user against black magick, psychic attacks and negative implants; it establishes domestic harmony; it improves sales/trade/business negotiations; it builds-up charisma and a commanding presence; it protects the user against tyrannical/negative/obnoxious characters; it confers the power-punch when used as a weapon against an aggressor--the latter would fall unconscious instantly. The item also helps to cure poisonous bites and may be used for general healing. The tasbih may be used as a counter for chanting purposes--it helps to empower your prayers and recitations and bring you closer to God

Mind Enhancement Power ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick393_3
This empowered consumable helps the user to overcome mental indolence, improve memory/recollection, increase the IQ and the comprehension of studies. A simple to use item--suitable for young and adult students including gray-haired professors.


The Magickal Tasbih ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick394_4

When held and used in the hands, this tasbih emanates cool vibes and energies. With the divine power that permeates the beads, the tasbih helps its user to be free of debts and struggles in life. It removes sadness and negative thinking and attracts luck and abundance that assists the user to prosper and become wealthy. It attracts windfalls and unexpected monetary aid from all points of the compass. What might seem impossible could happen or manifest in an unusual manner! The power of the tasbih inspires its user with magickal knowledge, understanding and creativity. It can be used to heal others suffering from problems of a medical and a non-medical cause. Its amazing power builds-up a force-filed that protects its user against psychic attacks, black magick, negative implants, etc. The powers of this magickal item function according to the user's desires, faith and intent.

Magickal Male Potency
Code: Magick395_2
Empowered with magickal forces using the rituals and secret mantras as transmitted by ancient occultists and mystics to a few selected practitioners, this talismanic consumable has proven itself time and time again to help the user solve domestic matters related to sex. With the grace of God, by being empowered with this item you will acquire sexual potency and be able to bring joy to your wife and fulfill her biological needs. This item helps you overcome premature ejaculation and impotency. Comes with a bonus section of secret methods for stregthening and increasing penis-size.


The Saint's Blessing--Nail
Code: Magick396_6
A magickal nail that protects a house, building, site, etc. from obnoxious spirits while simultaneously blessing the area with positive vibes that improves the lives of those within its field of influence. It helps to save those afflicted with illnesses, poverty, debts, tyranny, threats from enemies, physical intruders/attackers, burglars, deceivers, psychic attacks, black magick, and obnoxious entities. It helps those living under its influence to gain sympathy from others. Those of evil intent that seek to break into the premises will hallucinate and see the area as a vast forest and would get lost or flee. It protects the area where it is installed from the outbreaks of fire

Ring of Solomon
Code: Magick397_1
Empowered stone-ring with talismanic inscriptions for invulnerability against sharp weapons wielded by aggressors; the power builds up courage, charisma, a commanding presence and self-confidence; it confers the power-punch that causes opponents to faint or tremble in fear; it protects the user in accidents and physical threats; it blesses merchants and traders  with prosperity. There is a slit at the bottom of the ring that may be extended to fit large sized fingers.

Magickal Mersmerism Power ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick398_1
With the help of this magickally-charged stone and empowered consumables you will acquire and master mesmeric or hypnotic powers. Just by gazing and tapping on subjects they would be under your power and you would be able to influence and command them easily just as masters of hypnotism demonstrate on television and shows. The power may be applied in daily life to influence others or used for entertaining people. We caution you not to misuse this power for egoic purposes or to harm another as the negativity that you put out will surely recoil back to you with a stronger force. A certain exercise is given in conjunction with a mantra to enhance your hypnotic-gaze.


Magickal Power of Cupid
Code: Magick399_1
With this magickal empowerment you will quickly master the various traditional love-spells (called "pelet") of ancient Javanese shamanism. Some of these power chants require fasting. The love-spells includes enchanting the opposite sex through whistling, through touching, through scent, through gazing, through the voice, through potions, through cigarette smoke, through the facial expression, through calling the subject's name out aloud, etc. Famous love-spells of fascination are revealed and explained such as "Kinjeng Mas," "Kencana Wungu," "Jaran Goyang," "Madu Selasih," etc. The love-spells although requiring a reasonable amount of effort in their application, they are powerful and well worth the trouble. Please do not abuse the privilege of wielding the power--use it with the intent of marriage.

Minyak Bintang Biru
Code: Magick400_5
One of the most rare and powerful magickal oils of the Dayaks of Kalimantan! The Dayaks are well-known for their magick, especially the occult practices of the darker domain. The effects of their black magick/psychic attacks are not easily removed or warded-off except by their very own antidote and power. Dayak shamans aligned with the Positive Force offer this potent traditional oil to help heal and ward-off any forms and types of psychic attacks, black magick, voodoo, malicious implants, noxious psychic/etheric energies, hexes/curses, the evil-eye, etc. The magickally empowered oil is a blend of secret ingredients--it comes in a vial of approximately 2-3cc. It is easy to use and can be carried in a white pouch as a talisman.


Minyak Tunggul Naga
Code: Magick401_4
A traditional love-power oil from the tribal shamans of Irian Jaya/Papua. This empowered oil is a blend of magickal herbs and natural ingredients used for attracting members of the opposite sex and arousing their passion. The ingredients may contain pheromone which accounts for its power to arouse sexual instincts. It comes in a vial of approximately 2--3cc. It is easy to use and does not require any chanting whatsoever. This is a rare item and difficult to acquire--stock is limited.


Minyak Tunggul Naga Raja
Code: Magick402_5
Another powerful magickal oil from the tribal shamans of Irian Jaya/Papua! It is a blend of natural, magickal ingredients and empowered through an occult process for the purpose of increasing your charisma, personal magnetism, authoritative bearing/commanding presence. The power of the oil       attracts the opposite sex and gains the sympathy of peers, inferiors and superiors at the work place. When used regularly the occult properties of the oil build-up the magnetic-field surrounding the user making it positive and attractive. It attracts benevolent and beneficent spiritual forces that help the user to improve his/her life. The power of the item neutralizes negative energies, psychic attacks, black magick, etc. It may be worn in a small pouch as an amulet--it is easy to use. The oil comes in a vial of approximately 3cc. Stock is limited.


Minyak Hadangan
Code: Magick403_4
One of the most scarce magickal love-oils of the Pasir tribe of Kalimantan! This magickal oil is derived from the "Hadangan" buffalo--it is considered as the supreme love-oil and also as a rare curio by collectors of magickal items. The Hadangan oil is known as a powerful medium for attracting the opposite sex; for gaining the sympathy of others whether in a business or social context; for warding-off psychic attacks, black magick and negative forces. The oil is easy to use and its power can be increased by empowering it with the power of a certain traditional mantra. In the situation of influencing the opposite sex, after applying this oil the subject would have the user constantly in her/his thoughts and would strive as much as possible to be near the magical operator even if prior to its use the subject was aloof and inattentive. The oil comes in a vial of approximately 2cc.


Amulet of Magickal Woods
Code: Magick404_5
This small, unique amulet is hand-crafted and is composed of several magickal woods such as Galih Kelor, Sechang, Stigi, Nagasari, Akar Bahar Putih, Liwung, etc. It can be made into a pendant or simply carried in a pocket/pouch. The overall power of the amulet protects one from negative forces, psychic attacks, black magick, maleficent entities, etc. It attracts luck and helps the user to build-up self-confidence, charisma, an authoritative bearing, etc. No two pieces are alike. Simple chanting recommended.

Angelic Psychic- Sight ( Last 2 pcs )
The power to perceive clairvoyantly! See all sorts of spirits: jinns, fairies, souls, nature-spirits, astral/etheric forms, familiars of objects, etc. Many have been successful using our method of development and practice--students have penetrated into the astral realms and were amazed! Many practitioners have acquired experiential knowledge and acquired important information from the metaphysical worlds--these have built practitioners' faith in God's omnipotence. This item requires ritualistic chanting during the practice. This is a difficult item to acquire, maker is only able to produce a few at a time.


Spiritual Invisible Helper
Code: Magick406_4
Have your own invisible helper from the higher astral worlds! This magickal item has a spiritual helper, an ancestor human spirit associated with it. ( It does mean spirits of the past living in the higher realms. These are evolved beings and working to help us to further their own evolution ). It causes the spirit to follow you and be your constant companion. The invisible ancestor-spirit will be there to guide, inspire, protect and aid you in many ways. It will know and understand your thoughts and feelings and the background and circumstances of your life. The spirit cannot be commanded but it will function automatically on its own accord to help you fulfill your mission in life, to help fulfill your needs, to inspire you. Invisible helpers are human spirits sworn to serve their human charge--this work helps them to evolve rapidly into the Light.This is a difficult item to acquire, maker is only able to produce a few at a time.


Power of the Seventh
Code: Magick407_1
The Violet Seventh Ray of Life is associated with organization, transmutation, freedom, transformation--and finances. This magickal item helps the user to attain prosperity, abundance, and financial independence. The talisman is simple to use without any rigorous rituals or chanting--just carry it with you in your wallet, purse, pocket or place it in a safe place in your home, shop, office, etc. The item functions automatically by sending out the correct powers and forces to influence the user's being and to influence the material situations and conditions surrounding the user.


Minyak  Kijang Kencana
Code: Magick408_11
Specially formulated, secret occult oil from the fat of the golden deer blended with aromatic oils of sacred, magickal woods. This oil empowers the aura of the user and helps to attract the opposite sex; it helps the user to acquire sympathy and to influence others easily, socially and in forming business relationships. The oil makes the user sexually magnetic and charismatic. The scent and metaphysical emanations of the oil is pleasing to spiritual, positive spirits--these would be attracted to the user of the oil assisting the latter to improve his/her life in various ways--use this oil when conducting angelic invocations and in prayers. The oil is perfect for anointing talismans and amulets recharging and vivifying them with renewed energy and power. This is a rare occult item that carries Nature's spiritual fire. The oil comes in a vial of approximately 3cc. Stock is limited.



Minyak  Kelapa Mata-Satu ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick409_8
The famous one-eyed coconut (an anomaly) is traditionally known in Asian cultures as an occult object that attracts beneficent and positive forces and spirit-intelligences that blesses its Keeper. It is a rare and scarce item that only certain people are destined to find and possess. This present item is an oil-extract from the magickal one-eyed coconut. Its virtues are well-known in the occult tradition of Indonesia and one of the most important oils valued by Javanese shamans. Not only does it possess all of the virtues of the whole coconut itself when kept in its natural state, by virtue of its liquid form it can be used for many magickal applications as well. The one-eyed coconut and its oil are magickally empowered by Nature’s forces and Spirit Intelligence—the present oil-extract comes ready to use in a vial of approx. 3cc. It may be applied for certain purposes or just carried as an amulet—its vibrations functions mystically to bless its Keeper in all aspects of life. The power of the oil may be used for healing, for attracting luck and blessings, for protection, etc. This is one type of oil that shamans often appropriate for any magickal purpose—it is one useful tool for spiritual and metaphysical practitioners. Its uses are countless and the practitioner will discover many ways how its power can be tapped and applied. Because of its high vibrations it is suitable for temple rites, initiations and meditations. This occult oil comes with various mantras and methods for the following: for preventing nightmares; for protection against evil/accidents; for general attraction; for attracting a noble soul to be one’s child; for neutralizing poison; for increasing sales; for spiritual blessings and cleansing; for acquiring psychic energy/power; for safety from shots of firearms; for a youthful complexion; for healing black magick/psychic attacks/possessions; for a healthy long life; for healing depression/anxiety/psychological problems; for removing entities from a site. This oil is the genuine article—do not be fooled by products sold in the wide-market purporting to be the one-eyed coconut oil.


Home Purification ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick410_2
Family suffering from bad luck, repeated accidents, sleep-disorders, weakness, headaches, bickering, constant mishaps and other adverse circumstances? This can be the result of one's living space, one's home filled with negative energies/forces, psychic toxins/debris and negative entities. Purify your home with the secret, ancient method and the empowered object of this magickal item. Get rid of the metaphysical darkness plaguing your home now. Some chanting is required but it is not difficult to do. It has both muslim and non-muslim versions!

Black Magick-Entity Possession Removal ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick411_3
Magickal item and secret method for healing oneself or those suffering from the effects of psychic attacks, black magick and spirit-possessions. Some chanting is required but it is not difficult to do. Has both muslim and non-muslim versions!

Child-Behavior Improvement Power
Code: Magick412_1
If you have a child that you have trouble taking care of because of its tantrums, naughtiness, crankiness, etc., use this magickal item and methodology to help you out. It has worked wonders for many frustrated parents. Some chanting is required but it is not difficult to do. It has both muslim and non-muslim versions!

IQ Magickal Power
Code: Magick413_3
Improve your mental faculties and increase your IQ with the power-tasbih and secret methodology of this item! The method comes from ancient occult practitioners of Java! Simple chanting involved. Has both muslim and non-muslim versions!

Ilmu Haq Trawangan
Code: Magick414_0
Learn how to develop your second-sight! Know things before they happen; scry into the distance; know what lies in a magickal object or the spirit inhabitants of a certain site; know the hidden causes of effects, events, and incidents; know the level of power a spiritual practitioner possesses; know whether an occult/spiritual establishment or a psychic/occult practitioner is genuine or a fraud. With the unfoldment and growth of your dormant spiritual psychic sight all of the above can be known! It has both muslim and non-muslim versions!

Ilmu Khodam Jolotundo  ( Very Popular !!! ) 
Code: Magick415_6
Conjure and acquire your own personal, angelic, spiritual khodam (genie companion) with this rare magickal item and formula! Regular conjuration formulas require a 11, 21 up to a 41-day practice. The methodology of this item requires only 4-days work and with results comparable to the longer versions. It comes with a talismanic-cloth and is the Ilmu Khodam Level I not mentioned in the article on Ilmu Khodam (at our website)! Intensive chanting, fasting and secret movements are required as in most khodamic formulas. To master this formula you will need to have self-confidence; faith in the Almighty/Heaven; believe in the power of prayer/chanting; sensitivity to psychic energies and the willingness to allow the generated energies to completely possess you-this item is not for novices but for the seasoned occult practitioner used to chanting for hours. After successfully completing this 4-day ritual you will acquire a khodam who would help you to perceive the spirit realms; to see clairvoyantly; to evoke and communicate with spirits; to retrieve magickal objects from the inner planes; to evoke your spirit guide; to transfer spirit-familiars from one object to another; to possess self-defensive movements that emerges automatically during emergencies; to acquire a strong protective force-field; to become a psychic medium and to acquire any sort of power desired; to possess a powerful commanding presence and charisma; to possess the power-punch/distant-punch; to become sensitive to Nature's warnings, omens, etc. You will experience may unusual and paranormal events after completing the rite and acquiring a khodam. Please note that after completing the 4-5 day rite and you are successful in acquiring a khodam, all of the powers and virtues mentioned above you will come to realize and learn intuitively. Though this Ilmu Khodam is designed for muslims, non-muslims may also practice the ritual of this item and acquire good results. This is a long-awaited item--get yours now before the adept-producer decides not to offer this to the public.

Ilmu Khodam Mahameru  ( Popular !!! )       
Code: Magick416_6
This Ilmu Khodam conjures the angelic intelligences and forces represented by the Arabic letters to be one's daily companions! This item is a class higher than Ilmu Khodam Jolotundo. An empowered talismanic cloth accompanies the secret methodology/formula given in this item. After successfully completing this formula and acquiring khodam-companions, you may conduct the various steps/rituals mentioned in the article Ilmu Khodam. The ritual-formula of this item lasts for 7 days and consists of fasting, chanting, and conducting the secret movement. To be successful with this formula the practitioner must possess spiritual qualities such as nobility, compassion, love, sincerity, humility, kindness, etc. The practitioner must also have self-confidence; faith in the Almighty/Heaven; believe in the power of prayer/chanting; sensitivity to psychic energies and the willingness to allow the generated energies to completely possess him/herself--this item is not for novices but for the seasoned occult practitioner. Endurance, patience, perseverance, self-confidence, faith, etc. are likewise required to complete this 7-day course successfully. After completion of this course in a successful manner, you will become a powerful metaphysical practitioner with all sorts of magickal abilities and would be able to help others such as helping troubled couples experiencing conflict; help others to be prosperous and to acquire psychic powers; you will possess the power to construct effective and powerful talismans that can benefit others, or help them to neutralize negative energies; you may heal or be a channeler (psychic medium) for khodams/spirits that can offer people advice, etc. You will experience may unusual and paranormal events after completing the 7-day formula and acquiring khodam-companions. A simple key-chanting is given for you to use khodamic  powers to help others. This Ilmu Khodam item can only be conducted successfully after having undergone the Ilmu Khodam Jolotundo. Though this Ilmu Khodam is designed for muslims, non-muslims may also practice the ritual of this item and acquire good results. This is a long-awaited item--get yours now before the adept-producer decides not to offer this to the public.

Minyak Bulu Perindu Kekuatan 40 ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick417_2
This is a special oil-formula with essences traditionally used for attracting the opposite sex. It is tinctured and empowered with the "Bulu Perindu," a grass from the depths of the Kaliman forests and well known for its "pheremone" content. The oil has the strength of "40" which refers to the many Bulu Perindu grass steeped in it, making the fluid of concentrated power. This potent oil helps you to attract the man or the woman you desire! Attract the opposite sex with ease. Large vial--contents approximately 25cc. Only a few in stock--once this item runs out it may not be available again. A real magickal, collector's item.

Minyak Bambu Perindu
Code: Magick418_9
Another spectacular oil from the Dayaks of Kalimantan! This oil is an extraction from a certain bamboo-variety traditional known for its magickal powers of attraction. Many local Dayak men and women use this oil to fascinate and appeal to the opposite sex--especially in their courtship rituals and customs. The oil's magnetic life-force and provocative subtle scent stimulates the sexual instincts, and they work wonders to captivate the subject that the user of the oil wishes to attract. The power of the oil is well attested by countless native users throughout the centuries. Like most magickal oils, the Minyak Bulu Perindu is easy to use regardless of your religious persuasion. This is a scarce item and long sought-after by occultists and shamans. Contents approximately 2cc.


Minyak Kerbau Bule
Code: Magick419_11
A magickal oil from the sacred albino buffalo of the "keraton" of East Java--very much related to the Hadangan-oil buffalos of Kalimantan. Like the latter, the Minyak Kerbau Bule is a powerful love-oil with high spiritual vibrations that wards-off negative energies, psychic attacks, black magick, and malicious entities. It neutralizes hexes, curses, emanations of the "evil-eye" borne by the user. It helps the user to gain sympathy from others. It increases the user's charisma and personal magnetism. This oil is a curio and is scarce as the albino buffalo of the keraton is religiously sacrificed only once in several years. The reddish-hued love-oil comes with a powerful traditional mantra and when applied, can cause the subject of one's desire to yearn constantly for one's presence. The oil comes in a vial of approximately 2cc.


Minyak Kerbau Dablang
Code: Magick420_19
The two sacred buffalos of the Keraton in East Java are the "Kerbau Bule" and the "Kerbau Dablang." These two buffalos are "anomalies" or "freaks" as their appearances differ from the norm. The Kerbau Bule is an albino buffalo whereas the Kerbau Dablang has its horns growing at an angle that do not conform to the positioning of the horns of regular buffalos. Not only are these buffalos considered sacred by the natives, they are also regarded by the local shamans as magickal cause they possess strong pranic life-force and vital magnetism which are especially abundant in their oil-extracts. Like the oil of the Kerbau Bule, the Kerbau Dabalang oil wards-off negative energies, psychic attacks, black magick, and malicious entities. It neutralizes hexes, curses, emanations of the "evil-eye" borne by the user. It helps the user to gain sympathy from others and builds-up the user's charisma and personal magntism--when one views these buffalos in ceremonial procession one cannot help but feel drawn to them--such is their magnetic appeal. As a scarce item and because of its occult virtues and power, the Kerbau Dablang oil is sought-after by many shamans, metaphysical practitioners, and psychic practitioners. Contents approximately 3cc.

Super Invulnerability Power ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick421_2
This is a high class magickal invulnerability item against all sharp weapons wielded with strikes, stabs, slicing; etc.; it also protects against bullets, hits, and punches. It gives one the power to withstand boiling water, strong acids and even the shaving/cutting blade. Test the power of this item by shaving/cutting your hair! This is a scarce item and power, stock is limited. The power-spell/magick of this item is quite old and rare, and was used by the old Javanese master martial-artists (Pendekar) as a shield of protection. We have simplified the use of this protective, invulnerability power by empowering the amulet (this magickal item) with its force. This power, through induction, will flow into the force-field of the user thereby building-up his psychic and magickal protective shield. Whosoever carries this amulet with him/her will harness its power automatically. The power within this amulet is derived from the magickal and psychic power of its producer and of the cosmos—it is not the result of the presence of spirit beings. Even-though the level of its power is a class lower than items with spirit-beings associated with them, in itself, it is a powerful amulet that does its work of protection in an impressive way and is at the top of its class, and is affordable. Items of invulnerability with spirit beings attached can be quite expensive—especially if the power of withstanding the shaving blade/cutting tool is its featured virtue. The problem of introducing invulnerability items to people, like this present item, is the test often requested by would-be users as to their efficacy. Most items of this sort often function in urgent and genuine situations of need only. It is the psychic and mental condition of the user during an urgent crises that triggers a response from the amulet and the power is instantly tapped by the user in a subconscious manner. Whereas items with khodams/genies/jinns can often be tested at any given moment (depending on the spirit’s nature), regular occult items solely with magickal force cannot be so tested. They can only be tested directly in the presence of the Guru (producer of the item) who can activate the force imbued upon the amulet. Nevertheless, very high class amulets/talismans can give some results during non-critical moments, though often not up to expectations.It is based on the above that we advise the user of this item that the only virtue that can be tested by the user without any risk or harm to himself is the test of withstanding the shaving blade or the blade of a hair-cutting tool. In our experience so far, the success of this test is approximately 60%--in other words, out of 100 persons who tested this item for the power of withstanding the shaving-blade/hair-cutting tool in the absence of the Guru, only 60 persons were successful. The remainder did not attain the results expected. However, it needs to be said as alluded to above, whenever the user of this item is confronted with a real serious, dire situation, or an emergency, the item will function as it is supposed to. Believe that this is so.

The Magickal Macho Tool
Code: Magick422_4
A magickal power sought for by many men. In a magickal manner of just minutes it transforms the male vital organ into something that one would be proud of--huge, long, and the ability to prolong coitus. The effects are permanent--those suffering from impotency are healed almost instantly. No need to wait for days for the healing process--it works in minutes!


Magickal Victory Amulet ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick423_7
If you are involved in any legal situation in the courts of law and desire a positive outcome in your favor, this might be the item for you. With this magickal item, whatever crime you are charged or prosecuted with, it helps to cause a quick deliberation among the judge/jury and a verdict that frees you from incarceration. No longer do you need to be confused or apprehensive! Please note that this item works best if the accusation of your "crime" is unjustified and that you are truly innocent and wrongly charged. The magickal item helps you to be victorious over those whom you have conflict with in any matter.





424 Wealth Power Amulet  ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick424_1
A sacred power to help you acquire wealth magickally! This power never fails and works in just a matter of days without any risks or danger to yourself or to anyone else. Prove this to yourself now!  As an added bonus, the item may also be used as a tool to conjure regional spirits of wealth! A magickal method is given, however, it is offered merely as an occult curio. Stock is limited.
It has come to our attention that there are many scams and psychic frauds nowadays pretending to assist seekers of fortune to manifest money out of thin air, in a magickal manner. These scam-artists trick and fool many victims into giving their hard-earned cash as a fee but giving in return little tangible results. This situation disheartens us and it is for this reason that we wish to assist the needy by offering an alternative solution. Please note that though this item works magickally, money and wealth will not fall onto your lap from the sky or manifest in miraculous or fantastic ways—these manifestations are often of the darker side of magick where one sells one’s soul to the “devil.”
With the application of this magickal item we will not ask you to do this negative deed—we will direct you to use this magickal item in a way that would help you to acquire money, attain wealth, and help you to prosper in rational and reasonable ways.One vital point that you have to keep in mind and have a strong conviction is that the world of magick does exist, that supernatural forces are present all about us, and that coincidences and synchronocities as part of our everyday experience do have magickal, psychic, and spiritual agencies behind their occurrences. These occurrences can be coaxed to occur with magickal techniques.
Magickal experience is not the sole province of wizards, sorcerers, saints, and prophets—they can happen to anyone (including you, the user of this item ) who has faith in Heaven and have full conviction of the existence of spiritual intelligences and agencies capable of interacting and affecting physical matter and directing mundane events. Therefore, you can personally experience surprising events that seem coincidental and miraculous—and you can experience these forthwith.We will guide you with a magickal way of acquiring  wealth or to prosper in a safe manner that is reasonable and rational: many opportunities and doors will open before you—doors that you will have to walk through and their paths would help you to reap results in the shortest time possible. The amulet of this package functions in a way that awakens your dormant spiritual energies and helps you to focus all of your inner forces and power into one dynamic flow and center so that your desires for wealth are easily fulfilled.

The Flower Fairy ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick425_4
A high-class fairy of joy, love, abundance, success, creativity, healing, and popularity! This fairy can be your daily companion to assist you with the foregoing--allow it to be your muse, your guide and helper! Special ritual prayer to the Supreme Being for assistance in any matter--the fairy will function and aid you under the command and authority of the Supreme Intelligence--the fairy works best if your problem or need is in its field of expertise. The fairy can follow you around to do its work. The name of the fairy is given with the occult object that it associates with. If you are psychically sensitive and are clairvoyant you may see the fairy and converse directly with it. The item is easy to use even for the novice in occult matters. Stock is limited.

The Household-Genie ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick426_1
If you require a genie that can aid you in various matters then this genie is the one to choose. The manner in which it functions and works is through divine commandment--the Supreme Being assigns tasks to the genie that will help take care of your need or to fix a problem--your need is conveyed to the Supreme Being through prayer. The genie is especially skillful in matters that a householder would encounter--finances, domestic issues, environmental problems, protection of the home, etc. The genie is an invisible companion and can follow you everywhere you go if it has no task to perform--you may feel its presence often through signs and sensations. If you are clairvoyant you may even see it before you--direct conversation with it is then possible. The genie has a name and this is given with the occult object that it refers to as "home." Those limited in magickal knowledge and skill will find this item easy to use even with the simple chanting required. Stock is limited.

Golden Khodamic Nails ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick427_12
Acquire wealth with the aid of magickal, khodamic, spiritual forces! The power is activated without any fasting or difficult rituals. With the grace and mercy of Allah, seekers of prosperity, opulence and abundance can now tap into the powerful forces of this package to improve their financial status. With the Golden Khodamic Nails and its companion, the high-class magickal, khodamic tasbih, your aspirations for financial freedom would be fulfilled. This powerful item is especially suitable for those who have repeatedly failed in their businesses and seek to break through the veil of bad-luck and unite with the true magickal source of cosmic supply. With the use of this item your personal assets would increase and you will enjoy life here and the hereafter--you will be assisted by a thousand angelic khodams. This item is the highest in its class--you will receive ten empowered nails including one unique talismanic item to install at your place of business/trade--these would create a powerful magnetic center that attracts spiritual light-beings and lucky forces from all over the cosmos. Included in the package is an empowered tasbih for you to carry with you so that wherever you go the forces of light follows you to help you improve your life.



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Javanese Treasure Vase ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick428_1S.1L

A well-known Tibetan power-object and concept now available in a remarkable Javanese design! This powerful and magnificent Javanese Treasure Vase is filled with occult treasures from all over Java! Its occult strength and power are incredible and intense. This object with talismanic-energies and khodamic spirit-forces and intelligences blesses the home and family where it is installed with wealth; prosperity; financial/business success; windfalls; abundance; protection; advancement in career; high intellectual attainment; creativity; charisma; personal magnetism; respect; honor; sympathy from peers, superiors and inferiors; social-advancement; psychic sensitivity; health, spirit-guidance, and 1001 other virtues that cannot be described, but the family who possesses this unique item will discover the many great blessings that this item confers. The vase functions as a spiritual focus for many angelic, spiritual beings. This carefully-designed vase contains talismanic and natural occult items of high pranic energies including stones; lucky bamboo/rottan-stem; magickal oils; seeds and plant matter; metals, wood, etc . It is filled with the soil from the burial ground of famous Javanese kings, occult adepts and saints, including the soil and relics of wealthy and powerful persons. Empowered and enchanted water from over 7 springs of sacred sites are among the many sacred treasures in the vase. The metaphysical energies and vibrations related to wealth, prosperity and other virtues have been carefully sealed into the vase and its contents. Angelic/cosmic forces and intelligences were invoked during the long chanting rituals conducted for the empowerment and consecration of the contents of the item, and again on the vase as a whole. Specific magickal hours were observed in the empowerment of the vase. This vase has khodamic spirit-intelligences associated with it; the powers of the Divine Names of Allah were also imbued upon this attractive vase. Not only does this item blesses a single individual, but the whole family of the Keeper of the vase--this item can be later handed down to one's chosen child and grandchild for generations and generations to come ensuring a strong and powerful line of descendants. No rituals, chanting, or fasting required for this item--it is easy to use with no difficult maintenance necessary. There are no restrictions or observances. The vase may be kept and preserved by any worthy Keeper regardless of gender, age, religion, beliefs, race, etc. Not many of these vases can be made or stocked (some items in the vase can only be acquired on a certain day each year)--get yours now before it runs out. The vase comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large--the larger the vase the greater the power. The size determines the volume of the contents.


Wealth Genie ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick429_1
A powerful genie to help you out with improving your business and financial affairs. It helps you to acquire wealth, to be prosperous and to have abundance. If your business is facing  a financial crisis or problems of bankruptcy, if you ever find yourself deep in debt, this genie will also help you out of your problems. The Wealth Genie is a specialist in this field of finances and can help to inspire you with ways in making money; it certainly helps to influence people to your advantage and to arrange for you to be offered opportunities and to help you have favorable outcomes in deals and negotiations. The genie works under divine command--your prayers of need are submitted to the Supreme Being and the genie is assigned the task of helping you out. The genie would be your constant companion and you may sense its presence regularly--you may even see it under the right conditions. The genie associates itself with an object that it regards as "home." Usage is simple and the prayer-ritual is not too time-consuming. Suitable even for novices of the occult. Stock is limited.

The Violet Fairy
Code: Magick430_1 ( Very Popular !!! )
This violet-fairy helps you to solve problems--it is a trouble-shooter. If you have any difficulties this fairy-spirit, under the authority of the Supreme Being, will offer its aid and help you to overcome the crisis or situation that you need controlled or resolved in your favor. The violet-fairy can transmute your problem into nothingness so long as you are on the path of righteousness and your request is supported by Divine Law. Wherever you go the fairy may follow you around--its presence can be felt and if you have some clairvoyant ability you may even see it. When this happens you may converse freely with this beautiful fairy. It is possible that you may also meet the fairy in your dreams or when you are in the boderline state between dreaming and being physically conscious. The fairy comes with an object which it associates itself with--and its name is given. This item is easy to use with a simple prayer-ritual for submitting your requests to Heaven. Stock is limited.


The Solar Rayed Genie ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick431_2
The Solar-Rayed Genie specializes in protecting its Keeper against mishaps, a ccidents, physical/psychic attacks. It is basically a bodyguard but can help you out in matters of healing, career, collecting or paying of debts; it can help you increase your commanding presence, charisma, personal magnetism, and social popularity. The Solar-Rayed Genie can help your business to grow and the sales of your goods to increase--help your shop, restaurant or any business establishment to have more customers and clients.  The genie follows you around to ensure of your constant safety and protection. The genie associates itself with an object--this is given along with the name of the genie. The latter works under divine command as you submit your prayers to Heaven. The genie may be seen if you have your clairvoyant faculty functioning, otherwise, you may just sense its presence every now and then. The prayer-ritual requires chanting but it is not too difficult to do. Stock is limited.


Khodamic Stigi-Wood Tasbih ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick432_3
With this magickal item your desires and prayers are quickly answered--you will be free from poverty, depression, difficulties, confusion, problems, and suffering. Your social/financial status would improve. The khodamic spiritual intelligence and force of this magickal rosary-item is willing and able to help you attain success in your field of endeavor. This item is suitable for anyone to possess/use regardless of race, religion, age, gender, etc. No fasting is involved; chanting of the prayer verses is not difficult--all of the hard metaphysical, ritualistic work had been done for you! You will pay your debts with ease; acquire the sympathy and affection of those around you; acquire charisma, psychic sensitivity, and develop clairvoyance; influence and attract the opposite sex; astral project with ease; invulnerability against weapons; advancement in career; protection against those who seek to destroy you! This item is a money-magnet! Many other virtues blessed by Heaven! There are no negative side-effects--no risk for the user and his loved ones, or to anyone at all. Just carry this item for general purposes; a 30-day chanting discipline suggested for enhancing and increasing the power. Simple chanting work for directing the magickal force of the tasbih for certain purposes. The power of the tasbih (rosary) lies not only in the magickal force and the khodamic intelligence, but also in the inherent power of the stigi-wood!



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Business Success
Code: Magick433

If you wish to improve your business in every aspect we present to you this magickal service offered by one of the occult-adepts of Java. A ritual will be done on your behalf and a custom-made, magickally empowered object will be made for you--for your use alone, and focused on promoting your personal business endeavors and enrichment. The nature of this object will be determined by the adept after receiving your personal data which you will have to provide us (full name, photo, address, name of parents, date of birth, and some background on your business). The adept will empower this object with spiritual force and khodamic intelligence for improving your business and promoting your prosperity, wealth, and financial status. Once you receive this object you will only need to store it in your home, shop, restaurant, etc., or carry it with you (depending on the nature of the object). No fasting, chanting or any rituals required on your part--all of the heavy metaphysical work will be done for you. The cost for this service is not fixed and is variable--it might range from US$1000--$8000. Only after receiving your personal data and evaluating your situation/background in a metaphysical manner by the adept will the actual occult work involved and ritualistic consumables required be known and a cost can then be given. The cost may be high, but worthwhile in the long run--you may freely choose to accept or decline the service after having received the response from the adept. The adept is an "Ustad" or Islamic teacher and is well-established in the occult-field and has had over 90% success in assisting failing businesses and/or promoting their growth. Neither Indotalisman nor the adept make any guarantees but offer this service to entrepreneurs and business persons willing to speculate and take a chance--the service is offered in good faith and in full sincerity. If interested do send us your particulars as well as US$10 or more as donation to cover administration costs--this is non-refundable; however, should you choose to go through with this service the initial donation can be deducted from the total cost. After receiving your donation/particulars it might take 2 weeks or so for us to submit your particulars and getting a response from the adept which we will forward to you via email.

Healing Stone ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick434_9

Power-stone for promoting health and stimulating the healing process in a sickened and weakened body. Helps to heal medical and non-medical problems--illnesses related to psychic attacks, black magick and negative entities. Usage is easy--just carry the empowered object in your pocket or somewhere close to your body--may be tied to the affected part. Item may also be steeped in water and the latter drunk for internal problems. Pray according to your faith.

Wings of Love Oil
Code: Magick435_7
Magickal-blend of empowered and naturally powerful occult items: water from 5 sacred springs, buluh perindu grass, talisman, and occult oil. Using long and difficult rituals, this item has been consecrated and charged with cosmic power, with the energies of famous Javanese spells of affection and the archetypal forces of Love. Be loved by many; acquire the affection of the opposite sex; increase your personal magnetism and charm; win the heart of your soul-mate; establish domestic and romantic bliss; acquire the sympathy and respect of your peers, inferiors, and superiors; maintain and improve the relationship that you presently have with the person you love. The oil is easy to use with simple chanting.


Magickal Talisman of Protection ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick436_4
This talisman possesses incredible powers. Aggressors with malicious intent towards the user may suddenly collapse, cough-up blood and weaken during a confrontation. The user of this item is cautioned not to hit, strike or punch anyone unless forced to for self-defensive purposes as the results can be fatal to the one receiving the blow. With this item you would be respected by friend and foe. Malicious and obnoxious spirits would make a point of avoiding you; you would be protected against black magick and all forms of psychic attacks. The user is not to brag of his invulnerability and power and be humble in the presence of the Omnipresent God who alone wields True Power. The talisman functions as a channel for God's power and one must maintain humility for God's blessings, grace and protection. Usage of this item is simple.


Golden-Light Talisman
Code: Magick437_1
The Golden-Light Talisman possesses virtues for warding-off negative energies, psychic attacks, black magick, malicious entities, aggressors, tyrannical persons, etc. It fills the aura of the user with light and protects the user from accidents. It builds-up in the user a commanding, authoritative presence like a tiger; it attracts the opposite sex; helps the user to improve sales (if involved in trade) and acquire more customers; causes the user to be liked by many people; attracts a soul-mate; establishes domestic bliss. This empowered, talismanic object is meant to be tied around the waist--it is not a regular belt. It can be worn as an undergarment. The item has been charged with powerful metaphysical energies, psychic/spiritual-force, indonesian power-spells. If it pleases God, by wearing this magickal object and if the user does not violate religious precepts and the law of the country where s/he lives, s/he will always be divinely protected from all physical and metaphysical harm. No fasting or chanting required.


7-Day Purification Ritual
Code: Magick438_9
If you are having a series of bad luck; if you are experiencing negative incidents, accidents, relationship problems, hostility from the people around you, etc., the metaphysical solution is to purify yourself and the house where you live (or the shop/place where you do your business). Once the negative energies/psychic toxins in your force-field and the places where you spend most of your time are neutralized and cleansed and the void filled with positive energies, your luck would turn for the better and every aspect of your life would improve. Our ritualistic method is effective in turning the tides of your life for the better and getting rid of the negative effects of astrological influences. Chanting is involved but it is not difficult.


Oil of Purity
Code: Magick439_2
The power of this oil helps to remove and neutralize bad/negative energies, psychic toxins, negative effects of astrological influences, the effects of the evil-eye ("jettatore," "ayin"), etc. If you are struggling through life without lucky breaks or opportunities of advancement, if you find people reacting to you in negative ways or constantly oppressing you, if circumstances in your life always seems to be against you, etc.--it may be because of the negativity within your energy-body and force-field. Generate and maintain a positive frame of mind now while applying this purifying oil--this combined effort will neutralize the "bad star" hanging over you and help your life to improve in every way. The oil is approx.3cc in volume-for a single application in a shower-ritual.

Anti-Cupid Stone
Code: Magick440_1
If you are aware of being involved in an unnatural relationship such as a nefarious love-spell cast over you, or if you know someone close to you who is under such a spell and wish to dispel the harmful influences and break the relationship, you may apply the power of this stone to sever the relationship between the two parties involved in the romantic tie. Also works if your spouse is involved with a third-party but feels it difficult to break-up the relationship yet wishes to do so. The effects of this stone with its accompanying ritual and metaphysically empowered items will not result in any emotional pain. Easy to use.


Life-Improvement Package
Code: Magick441_1
This magickal package and its rituals help to improve your life in every way. No matter what your problem may be there are always solutions with the grace of the Almighty--the rituals and empowered items in this package will help transform your life! The virtues of this package include the establishment of joy, bliss, happiness, and harmony in your social relationships and domestic life. Also attracts luck and wards-off negative influences and circumstances; improve sales and business life; removes psychic attacks upon your shop/stall; heal psychic attacks, influences, etc. Helps you to attain high attractive powers and gain the respect of others. The rituals are easy to do without any chanting required. Package contains consumables and an empowered stone.

Psychic Vision Oil
Code: Magick442_1
A third-eye oil that helps unfold clairvoyant ability, helps the occult practitioner to see etheric/astral beings, human spirits, jinns, elementals, and nature-spirits that are hidden to physical perception. With the help of this especially prepared oil the practitioner would acquire the ability to perceive psychically with ease so long as the approach and usage are done correctly and during the appropriate hours. Chanting is required. Oil approx.

Power-Perception of the Kejawenese Adepts ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick443_2
A high-class item from the Javanese adepts of shamanizm and kejawen. This is a third-eye activation powder made from scarce ingredients based on formulas given in an ancient local occult tradition. Just smear it on your brows--some simple chanting required. This will unveil the magickal worlds to your perception.


Love-Oil and Spell of the Green Frog ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick444_14
A traditional talismanic love-oil formula and spell with amazing attractive powers! Whosoever uses this would surely attract the opposite sex. If used to attract a specific person, the subject would go "crazy" if his/her love is not reciprocated--for this reason use only if marriage is intended. Do not misuse or abuse this item as this would eventually cause self-suffering. Oil approx. 3cc





Stone of the Wali Qutub
Code: Magick445_4
A high-class metaphysically empowered stone!. If it pleases Allah this stone is almost comparable to the magickal ring of King Solomon (Nabi Sulaiman). Though not as potent as the latter, this stone is empowered with various blessings and virtues requested of Allah accessed through the mystical prayers of Syed Abdul Qodir Jaelani--the master of all of the walis (saints). When worn or carried with faith in the Supreme Being, if it pleases Heaven, the stone confers the following upon its user: protection on land, sea and air; courage; the power to overcome adversaries; a commanding presence, charisma, personal magnetism; luck; ease in solving problems and overcoming grave situations; physical-invulnerability to weapons during threats; spiritual/pranic powers; prosperity, abundance, financial stability, advancement in business matters, finances and career; spiritual progress--aid is given by the khodam of this stone for the user to thread the path of purity and righteousness; protection against all forms of black magick, psychic attacks, negative and maleficent spirit entities; helps the user to recover from illnesses and to attain health and vitality; helps the user to be respected and honored in society; opens doorways to opportunities for mundane and spiritual progress, etc. Recitation of certain simple prayers required on a regular basis.

House of Wealth
Code: Magick446_1
A magickal means of attracting wealth and prosperity--the power and observance of this spell requires that your house be renovated every 2 to 5 years and the furniture moved to a new position once in 3 months. This is a 7-day ritual that requires some preparation-it invokes the power of what the Javanese call "Sedulur Papat"-or 4 brothers. Your house will be transformed into a cosmic-magnet attracting beneficent forces of luck and prosperity! This is not for the novice-it is for the serious occult, shamanic practitioner.

Power of the Crone's Undergarment
Code: Magick447_2
A magickally empowered item by a Javanese shaman. For improving business and sales. Just install somewhere in your shop, stall, restaurant, office, place of business, etc. It will attract lots of consumers and clients. The item when installed at an appropriate building/site can also attract and induce swallows to build their costly "birds-nest." Carry the item for a commanding presence, charisma, attractiveness--acquire sympathy/sexual favors from the opposite sex!
  Virginity Restored
Code: Magick448_1
This empowered consumable helps women to return to their original purity, their virginal-state--physically speaking. The "hymen" would re-form and sexual intimacy could cause the usual virgin's bleeding. Easy to use.



Genie & the Mystic Vessel
Code: Magick449_1
An exquisite and wonderful mystic-vessel with its very own genie! The genie of this mystic-vessel is accomplished and helpful in the following matters: increasing one's luck potential; protection against all negative forces, entities, psychic attacks, accidents, aggressors, etc.; an attractive and magnetic presence; charisma and a commanding-presence; helpful in healing physical ailments; success in business transactions, negotiations, and tenders; advancement in career, rank, social status, political station, etc.; payment of debts; acquisition of a soul-mate; protection of your home or any site against intruders. The genie works under divine command--your prayers of need are submitted to the Supreme Being and the genie is assigned the task of helping you out. The genie would be your constant companion and you may sense its presence regularly--you may even see it under the right conditions. The genie associates itself with an object that it regards as "home." Usage is simple and the prayer-ritual is not too time-consuming. Suitable even for novices of the occult. Stock is limited.


Occult Powers of the Pendekar
Code: Magick450_1
The empowerment causes rushing, attacking aggressors to be repelled several meters! If it pleases God you will also gain the power to immobilize people or moving vehicles on their tracks! You will possess the power to heal the sick of their medical and non-medical (psychic) ailments--gain this power to serve humanity! You will be a changed person--calm, confident, able to neutralize negative energies within yourself and others! You will be protected against malicious hypnotism and psychic attacks! Intensive chanting required for the initiation rituals and for many days-not suitable for novices. 11-day chanting for the initiation-ritual. 7-day fasting and chanting required for immobilization powers. This is a blend of Islamic and Javanese occultism. A little difficult to do but the powers are worth it and are permanent.

The Mystic Horse-Power Talisman of Attraction
Code: Magick451_1
This magickal power will help you to attract the person whom you desire. It is easy to use--no chanting or fasting required. The talisman has to be carried on your person after a ritual shower and an empowerment. Please do not misuse this power for frivolous purposes as it can only eventually result in pain and suffering for yourself--use it if the desire is for marriage.

Aji Joyo Bromo
Code: Magick452_2
With this ancient Javanese spell and empowerment you will gain the power to lick hot iron without any pain! This item is offered as an occult curio, for educational purposes only and with no guarantees. Stock is limited.

The Spell of Sleep
Code: Magick453__1
An unusual power and empowerment offered by the Javanese occultists--the power to put others to sleep by chanting a special mantra. The chanting of the initiation-ritual is intensive and is done at midnight for 7 consecutive days. Fasting is also required. Please do not misuse the power as it can result in grave consequences. Apply as a healing, soothing, and comforting virtue to those who require rest or suffer from insomnia.




The Power of Saints ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick454_3
A rare power-tradition conveyed over the centuries to our modern generation via a series of masters and saints--the occult current/tradition and power of this item is said to have been applied by the early muslim teachers and leaders of Java to overcome the magickal power of those of other traditions and belief-systems who opposed and made themselves the enemies of Islam--it is for this reason that this power is regarded highly by the muslim occult practitioner--even more so than the other magickal occult-currents. Ritual-shower required in the Initiation. This is an empowerment--something to swallow. Maintenance of the power is through regular chanting. Among its virtues: the neutralization of the magickal powers and abilities of enemies and tyrants; enemies or those who are hostile and attack the user of this item in any way will quickly experience the effects of their own "poison"; safety during travels on land, sea, and air; khodamic (spirit) bodyguards that will, with the grace of God, protect the user against all sorts of danger, weapons, and attacks; the ability to display the same sort of magickal powers as one's enemies; helps to strengthen will-power and to fulfill prayers; charisma, an attractive mien, a commanding presence; luck and spiritual aid in daily life; helps the user to acquire courage, calmness, and to be influential; the ability to gain sympathy from superiors, business associates, the opposite sex; overcome bad-luck, negative karmic effects, ancestral family curses; acquire abilities to heal and to ameliorate sicknesses; prosperity, business success, improvement in financial status; acquire the power of the spoken word--whatever you say can come true; helps the user to acquire clairvoyance--just chant the mantra and focus the mind on the subject/object that you wish knowledge of. This item is a blend of Islamic and Javanese occultism.
  Ring of Sexual Power
Code: Magick455_2
Wear this ring on your finger as you engage in sexual intimacy. It helps to increase your sexual prowess and prevent premature ejaculation. Orgasm only occurs as the ring is removed from your finger--some chanting required. An unusual Javanese magickal item!

The Dream Oracle Stone ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick456 ( Not Available )
A Javanese power-stone that helps reveal hidden things and the future through dreams. Helps the user to acquire and know winning lotto numbers, winners of sporting events, the outcome of elections, the perpetrator of criminal acts, etc. Some chanting required. The item is easy to use.

Stone of Lust
Code: Magick457_1
This stone vibrates when immersed in any kind of liquid. The power of this stone helps the user to sexually arouse the opposite sex and cause the members thereof to lust after himself. The subject would feel intense warmth, wetness and vibrations in her genital region as the simple ritual is conducted in her proximity. A Javanese occult item--easy to use.

The Semar Amulet
Code: Magick458_1
Carry this magickal item in your pocket/wallet as you go courting, propose for marriage, and request permission/blessings (hand in marriage) from your beloved's parents. The power of this item will ensure that all goes well and that your beloved's family will accept and love you as their own son. This Javanese magickal item is easy to use.
  Magickal Potion of the Troll
Code: Magick459_1
Couples wishing to have children will find some help with this magickal item as it aids barren wombs to be fertile. This item also amazingly help women impregnated by violence and through unethical means to abort their pregnancy. The embryo or fetus (of an early stage) would stall in its growth and the pregnancy end in a miscarriage. This item is not to be abused. It is easy to use. This is a scarce Javanese-power magickal item.


Magickal Spouse
Code: Magick460_2
Conjure and "marry" an attractive genie with this magickal formula! Once successful with the conjuration the genie will be by your side and may aid you in any aspect of your life; it may help fulfill your needs, to fulfill any purpose so long as it is selfless and does not harm others-it can aid in such matters as improving finances, protecting a place, increasing one's charisma/personal magnetism, etc. The genie may even grant sexual favors! Be sexually intimate with the genie!--this may occur during dreams while one is asleep. A special room is required for the conjuration-ritual which may require up to 7 days of work. Intensive chanting is required. Some items are needed for this ritual that can easily be acquired from around the house, garden or store. Certain empowered consumables are included in this package. Please note that this magickal item is not for the novice practitioner, those who are simply intellectually curious, or for those who simply wish to acquire power for self-centered purposes-it is for those who wish to tread this path to better serve humanity. Contains complete occult instructions for the ritual-ceremony. This is a Javanese occult item.



Cosmic Light Power
Code: Magick461_2
This item helps to amplify the power of all of the empowerments of the magickal items that you have been initiated with and had undergone, while simultaneously conferring additional virtues so that all that you desire would manifest in an amazing fashion and quickly no matter whether your desire relates to your worldly ambitions or spiritual/magickal aspirations. Saintly persons of the past used the powers of this empowerment to overcome the wicked, the tyrannical, and the unjust. With this great rare power bestowed upon your being, you would become a different person with many abilities, and you will possess higher magickal skills to serve others for the greater good. Intensive chanting required for this item-this package is for the advanced practitioner who have taken previous empowerments as given in many magickal items offered by Indotalisman.com. This particular item is a blend of Javanese and al-Hikmah occultism. The Cosmic Light Power derives its essence and force from spiritual, divine realms, it is more potent than most magickal powers that have their sources and basis in the astral dimensions. This Comic Light Power was attained, accessed, and processed through spiritual, mystical rituals related to Divine Names and Cosmic Energies, and required intense preparation, purification and inner development on the part of the adept who developed this item. Therefore, in the name of the Most High, he who is empowered and practices this Cosmic Light Power in full faith, sincerity, purity, and devotion to God will find that nothing is impossible and that all can transpire by the grace and mercy of Allah



Dakini's Power Stone--Small ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick462_3
A rare power-stone acquired from the kingdom and "palace" of the Dakinis in the astral world of Java. This power-stone is one among several given to the occult-adept with the blessings of the Queen--he was requested to offer these stone to aid those in need, especially to spiritual devotees who wish to attune to the magickal currents of the Dakinis and Devas. This stone attract luck, prosperity and good fortune; it confers personal magnetism, high attractive-powers, and charm. It wards-off negative forces, black magick, psychic attacks, and malicious entities. It protects one from mishaps while travelling; its power helps to advance one's career and furthers one's political and business ambitions and aspirations. Spiritual practitioners of meditation and other spiritual training will find this stone of great aid in helping one overcome obstacles and hindrances in the astral and physical planes. Those involved in psychic development practices will find this stone to be of great assistance in accelerating their growth. Each stone is unique and differs from package to package. This magickal shamanic Javanese item is easy to use--chanting and maintenance required though. Stock is limited--get this unusual artifact now.



Dakini's Power Stone--Large ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick463_5
A rare power-stone acquired from the kingdom and "palace" of the Dakinis in the astral world of Java. This power-stone is one among several given to the occult-adept with the blessings of the Queen--he was requested to offer these stone to aid those in need, especially to spiritual devotees who wish to attune to the magickal currents of the Dakinis and Devas. This stone attract luck, prosperity and good fortune; it confers personal magnetism, high attractive-powers, and charm. It wards-off negative forces, black magick, psychic attacks, and malicious entities. It protects one from mishaps while travelling; its power helps to advance one's career and furthers one's political and business ambitions and aspirations. Spiritual practitioners of meditation and other spiritual training will find this stone of great aid in helping one overcome obstacles and hindrances in the astral and physical planes. Those involved in psychic development practices will find this stone to be of great assistance in accelerating their growth. Each stone is unique and differs from package to package. This magickal shamanic Javanese item is easy to use--chanting and maintenance required though. Stock is limited--get this unusual artifact now. Larger and more powerful than Magick462.
  Gay-Lesbian Love Oil
Code: Magick464_1
This item is especially designed for homosexuals and lesbian desiring to attract those of the same gender with the same sexual preference. The power of this Love Oil helps you to influence others of your gender to agree to your desires and demands. This Javanese magickal item is easy to use. Attract someone specific with the power of this oil or use it for general attraction. Use it to influence others remotely or through physical contact. Contents of oil approx. 3cc.



Skin of Steel
Code: Magick465_1
Acquire complete invulnerability powers with this empowerment and the power of the Javanese mantra of this package--invulnerability against strikes of blades, cuts, stabs, bullets, and hot water. The empowerment requires a complete fast and retreat in darkness for 24 hours, and without sleeping as well. This item is not for the novice considering the discipline and endurance required. After the empowerment one may test the power. It might take up to 60 days for the power to fully integrate with the body of the practitioner. This package differs from most magickal items of invulnerability in that it is the result of psychic energy-empowerment and not that of the assistance of spirits or talismans-the power remains in the practitioner's body permanently. This power is normally attained through daily chanting for countless hours and for many days-the adept has done most of the work here and conveys the power to the recipient through the empowerment-only some slight effort is required on the part of the practitioner to fully acquire this power.


Wish-Fulfilling Genie Cow-Bell
Code: Magick466_3
Those involved in commerce, business, and trade will find this item most useful. The power of this empowered cow-bell is due to the 3 servant genies of Allah who are associated with it. This magickal item assists you to become prosperous and wealthy--to succeed in your business and to pay your debts easily. With this item luck will come your way from every direction. You will have an abundance of every essential need. Submit your wish and desire in regards to whatever monetary (or worldly) matter to Allah and the genies would be appointed to help you out; they would also assist you automatically without asking should you tread the path towards the heart of Allah. Chanting of Islamic verses and Divine Names are required--the bell is to be rung 3x during the ritual. Stock is limited.


Empowered Dayak's Bulu Perindu
Code: Magick467_1
A magickal empowered item and mantra for influencing and attracting through remote means a female subject whom you wish to attract. With this item you will not have to meet the subject in order to influence magickally, the item will assist you to contact the person whom you wish to attract in a telepathic manner and on a subconscious level. Knowledge of the subject's name is of little importance with this spell of influence--with the power of this item it suffices to know just the appearance of the subject (the subject must also have seen you previously). Lick the magickal item 3 times at night and the subject would find you agreeable; lick it 9 times and the subject will have a sexual dream related to you. Lick the item 12x and conduct the ritual twice a day and the subject would feel anxious and have the desire to meet you--s/he will think of you constantly. Simple chanting is required. The Bulu Perindu reacts to moisture and heat--it moves and wriggles on its own. Working with this item is easy--chanting is required but it is not complicated. This is a Javanese occult item.


Magickal Ring of the Princess
Code: Magick468_9
Especially designed for women (though men with slender fingers may use it as well), this magickal ring has a couple of genies associated with it. By wearing the magickal ring of the Princess you will appear highly attractive and charming. People would be attracted to you--especially those of the opposite sex. The item helps to improve every aspect of your life--social, business, career, domestic, etc. You would be successful in all of your endeavors. The item confers protection and lots of luck, blessings, etc. All of your problems would easily be solved and you will have the courage and strength to face them. This magickal item is a blend of Javanese occultism and Islamic ah-Hikmah. The spirit-intelligences work under divine command as you submit your prayers to Heaven. The genies may be seen if you have your clairvoyant faculty functioning, otherwise, you may just sense its presence every now and then. The ritual requires some simple chanting. Most virtues function automatically.

The Lucky Bill
Code: Magick469_1
A talismanic bill that attracts luck--it has an unusual property: if the bill is unintentionally left some place it can return in a magickal manner to your pocket, wallet, purse, handbag, etc. The genies of the item ensure that you have the necessary aid to be successful in your endeavors and to have help from unexpected sources. You will always have money to spare. Your finances would improve. Some chanting required, however, it is an easy item to use. This is a Javanese occult, genie item that basically functions automatically and without the problem of fussing over too many details.


The Albino Crocodile Genie
Code: Magick470_4
With this magickal item your financial status would improve and progress at an accelerated pace. Your sales would soar; your career would improve; you will close business deals and win tenders; debts will be paid, you will receive promotions and win elections, etc. This genie item is a blend of Javanese occultism and Islamic ah-Hikmah. The genie associates itself with an object--this is given along with the name of the genie. The latter works under divine command as you submit your prayers to Heaven. The genie may be seen if you have your clairvoyant faculty functioning, otherwise, you may just sense its presence every now and then. The ritual requires some simple chanting. This item is named after the special power-mantra used in the ritual. Stock is limited.

Etheric Power Vision ( Popular !!! )
Code: Magick471_1
Be empowered with this magickal item and acquire powers of extra-sensory vision! See behind closed doors, walls, locked cabinets and objects hidden from view. Acquire etheric and clairvoyant vision! The empowerment-ritual requires a 3-day fast and intensive chanting. This is a Javanese occult item.


Tiger's Power Presence ( Very Popular !!! )
Code: Magick472_2
This is an empowered item based on the Law of Similarity and Contact. By carrying this small, inconspicuous item in your pocket or wallet, you will be respected, honored, heeded and feared. You would possess a commanding presence, a magnetic personality and charm. Your requests and orders would be followed. Most suitable for those holding management and supervisory positions in firms and companies-it also helps one with difficult spouses to establish a more congenial domestic situation. Simple chanting of a Javanese mantra is required. Stock is limited.
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